The “Nan’s Birthday” Poem

As we sit here and celebrate,
How an earth could it be?
That the legend that is “Nanny Barb”
Has in-fact turned eighty! 

What an amazing age to be,
How is it you still look so young?
We are all hoping to look as good at your age,
And hope we are having as much fun!

There are not many 80 years olds I know,
That still enjoys drinking and dancing in bars,
Still dress up in Zara and Per Una,
And still wear matching knickers & bras!

You are trendiest Nan I know,
With your hip flask full of Bells,
Jetting off on glamorous holidays
And lunching with the girls!

But as well all the fun stuff,
Your calling in life, is clear to see,
You were born to be a mother,
and create an amazing family!

There are times when you’ve helped us all
you’ve wiped away our tears,
you’ve soothed our disappointments
And calmed all of our fears.

You make us laugh and smile,
And cheer us up when we’re depressed,
Your are always there to support us,
When we are all feeling totally stressed.

For everything you’ve done for us,
and all that you still do,
We just want you to know Nan,
just how much we all love you!

So I guess just one thing left to do,
to start the celebrations today,
And that is to make a toast to our wonderful Babs!
We love you in every way!

Septembers 2011.


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